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Close encounters as interest in UFOs takes hold
Details of alien encounters emerging in China. --AFP

The mind can extend life, study suggests
Transcendental Meditation may help people live longer, but critics say more research is needed. --Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Is Abandoned Prison Haunted Or Just Spooky?
Ghost hunters explore orbs, shadows (with video).
--NBC 10

Scientists: Life on Mars Likely
Evidence is building to suggest biological processes might be operating on the red planet. --Wired News

Chimeras on the Horizon, but Don't Expect Centaurs
Creatures are composed of more than one kind of cell. --New York Times (requires registration)

A genius explains
An autistic savant is profiled. --Guardian U.K.

Googlesat Mania Continues
More intriguing satellite images are being discovered. --Defense Tech

Secret Societies in England 1717 - 1911
Steve Wilson delves into Masonry and other groups. --Phenomena Magazine

Far-off healing
Many Americans pray for the health of loved ones; now science is putting these practices to the test.
--LA Times (requires registration)

* Be careful putting human brain cells in animals, 
panel tells scientists:

Science is struggling with one of the most 
serious moral quandaries in its history.


Jon Rappoport has worked as an investigative reporter for 20 years, and is the author of five books. He has written on medical fraud, deep politics, and health issues for newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe, including CBS Healthwatch .nomorefakenews.com

Dead Reckoning
Scientific and spiritual significance of near-death experiences studied. --San Diego Union-Tribune

Revelation! 666 is not the number of the beast
A new fragment inidcates it's actually the number 616. --Independent U.K.

Fighting the Devil in Rome
The course is not quite as dramatic as Hollywood-style exorcism. --Deutsche Welle

Scientists Confirm Earth's Energy Is Out of Balance
More energy is being absorbed from the sun than is emitted back to space. --NASA

Planet 'seen' around distant sun
Scientists say they have imaged a planet outside the Solar System for the first time. --BBC News

Tahoe Tessie Legend Remains Alive
Sightings of the lake's legendary creatur abound.
--Tahoe Daily Tribune

Ghost hunters investigate Kingston home
The Kuzarian family claim strange things happen in their home. --Rockingham News

Underground radar hunt for life on Mars
Scientists to deploy a giant radar telescope above Mars to find hidden water. --Guardian U.K.

Rolling Camera Eyeballs Danger
Small spherical camera can give its users a 360-degree look at surroundings. --Wired News

Star reaches out to white dwarf
Image fleshes out theory of how stellar bodies interact (with image). --Nature

State Bill to Limit RFID
California bill would prohibit the use of RFID chips in state identity documents. --Wired News

Alien abduction accounts actually allowable
Article discusses the story of the the Pascagoula Creatures. --The Triangle

'Extinct' woodpecker found alive
The ivory-billed woodpecker, a spectacular bird long thought to be extinct, has been found alive in North America. --BBC News

Zebra gives birth to 'zonkey'?
The zebra hybrid was sired by a donkey (with photo).
--Associated Press

Controversy continues over 'Bigfoot' tape
Experts have been battling over the potential veracity of a video. --CBC News

Scientists Make Bacteria Behave Like Computers
Research could lead to smart biological devices that could detect hazardous substances. --LiveScience

Storms Of The Future
Are we contributing to the degradation of the climate system? --Channel3000

Do you believe in fairies?
Explanations have varied for these folkloric beings.
--The Scotsman

Mirrors can help do away with wrinkles
First we program mirrors and they program us in response. --Pravda.Ru

1,000 Cane Toads Explode to Death
Linda Moulton Howe investigates the mystery taking place in Germany and Denmark. --Earthfiles

Itty-Bitty & Shrinking, Fusion Device Has Big Ideas
In a surprising feat of miniaturization, scientists are reporting they have produced nuclear fusion. --New York Times (requires registration)

Asteroid Targeted by Massive Military Forces?
Sorcha Faal puts together a speculative report. --WhatDoesItMean.com

Deep Impact Photographs Comet
NASA's probe has taken images of Tempel 1, which it will soon slam into. --Space.com

Earthquakes: Natural or Man-Made?
Was top secret military testing in the waters of the Indian Ocean responsible for the Dec. 26th event?
--New Dawn Magazine

Scientists delve into Lake Erie dead zone
They'll study oxygen depletion, its effects.
--Detroit Free Press

A Celestial View of the Malachy Prophecies
Was Saint Malachy reading the signs in the sky?
--Phenomena Magazine

Phantoms of the Airways: Pilots and UFOs
Scott Corrales delves into international cases.
--Fate Magazine

Soviets Planned Military HQ on the Moon
Lunar base project was developed 30 years ago but was abolished because of its enormous cost.
--Moscow News

Utah Canyon Holds Ancient Secrets
Civilization represents a tenuous link to the earliest inhabitants of North America. --CBS News

Spacecrafts powered by thunder
Engineers have developed a new type of acoustic engine. --New Scientist

Portrait of a pet psychic
Animal communicator offers inside scoop.

Microwave gun to be used by US troops in Iraq
Non-lethal weapon uses high-powered electromagnetic beams. --Telegraph U.K.

Phenomenon of levitation comes into everyday life
Modern scientists are developing anti-gravitational systems. --Pravda.Ru

Code created for shape-shifting robots
Algorithms would allow robots to change shape and break apart. --New Scientist

Body clocks 'hinder' space travel
Researchers think the human body clock could hinder space exploration. --BBC News

Traveling-wave Engine To Power Space Travel
Novel method for generating electrical power uses sound waves. --ScienceDaily

Improved body armor on the way
It looks like dragon scales and is more comfortable to wear than today's bulletproof vests. --USA Today

DARPA's Wild Kingdom
Weaponized bees, robotic rats, sleepless soldiers; does Mother Nature stand a chance in the face of the Pentagon's new science? --Mother Jones

Scientist 'gagged' after warning of global warming
British adviser told to limit his media contact after he wrote that countries were failing to take climate change seriously. --Independent U.K.

Legendary creature
'Bigfoot' sightings reported at Indian reservation.
--Minot Daily News

Insurer warns of global warming catastrophe
Swiss Re, the world's second-largest reinsurer, has issued a report detailing problems that may arise from environment and climate. --Reuters

Dinosaur impact theory challenged
New data suggests crater in Mexico predates the extinction of the dinosaurs by about 300,000 years.
--BBC News

Environment looms as major security threat
Global warming and a host of other ills are seen as major destabilizing forces. --Reuters

Bacteria Run Wild, Defying Antibiotics
Staph infections growing out of control.
--New York Times (requires registration)


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